Scale not appearing in HID-ScaleWedge

Scenario: Your USB-connected scale does not appear in the HID-ScaleWedge device list.

Before collecting data from your scale, ensure that it is a parcel scale that implements the HID Scale USB interface protocol (a.k.a, USB-HID). Many scales that directly connect to a USB port do not use the HID Scale USB protocol, instead using a Virtual RS232 COM port protocol which does not communicate with HID-ScaleWedge and requires driver software to be installed. This will cause the scale to appear as a COM port in the “Ports COM & LPT” section of the Windows Device Manager (see this article for more details).

If this is the case, then our BC-Wedge or WinWedge software would be more suitable for collecting data from this scale. Contact for more information and, if you have already purchased HID-ScaleWedge, provide your order information to receive assistance switching.

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