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25th Anniversary

In 2012 TALtech will be celebrating 25 years of providing data collection, communication and bar code software solutions.

TALtech released the first WinWedge, RS232 data collection software, in 1988. It was called the "SoftwareWedge" back then, a DOS-based TSR! The first B-Coder bar code generator software - also for DOS – was released in 1989.

TALtech is committed to producing quality software and providing unsurpassed service, including free and unlimited lifetime support on all its software products. We have been rewarded with exceptional loyalty from our customers and re-sellers. In many places SoftwareWedge (now WinWedge) has been in continuous use collecting data daily since before Windows was released!

For the past 25 years TALtech has been based in downtown Philadelphia. Over the years we have come out with many new products and new versions of our most popular products for DOS, then Windows, then 32-bit Windows and now Windows 7. We have always specialized in software for instrument interfacing, data collection and communication for RS232 and TCP/IP. TALtech also specializes in bar code software and programmer’s tools.

TALtech looks forward to providing quality software solutions and exceptional service for the next 25 years and beyond. As long as our customers need professional-quality data collection, communication and bar coding software solutions TALtech will be there to provide them. 

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"I'm blown away by your prompt response! Your company (TALtech) is by far the most responsive company I've come across on the internet. Thank you!"

Jeremy R DeYoung, Chief Architect LunarFly, LLC

"I never thought it would take less than 15 minutes to get the Wedge collecting data from my instruments. The program works great. I have not been this satisfied with a software product in years."

Mark Soldavini Leaseplan

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